Patricia Cymbala

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Patricia graduated from Albertus Magnus as a Graphic Design Artist and quickly took to the web. Her passion has always been designing websites,marketing, and programming.

Patricia has created many sites for Wallingford businesses and non profit organizations. She is president of the Spanish Community of Wallingford and enjoys helping as many non profits as she can achieve their goals in helping as many people in the community as they can.

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Deb Calavas

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Deb Calavas is a wonderful creative person who has helped shape the Welcome to Wallingford site.

She specializes in programming all of our 360′s for Welcome to Wallingford and all of our customers who have increased their sales by giving their customers the opportunity to look inside their businesses.


Kahlil Calavas

Kahlil Calavas is a front end web developer, 360 degree virtual tour programmer and web marketing consultant.